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The QR code is an adequate solution for restaurants around the world. Indeed, it offers a number of benefits to all catering businesses. The QR code menu is now an essential tool in terms of communication. So, if you too want to use this new gadget, it is better to master it well. This article will help you to better inform yourself on the subject.

What is a QR code?

Basically, QR stands for “Quick Response Code” or quick response. Thus, the QR code is known as an ordinary barcode composed of black and white pixels. However, beyond this simple representation, it is an effective way to promote your restaurant business. Moreover, its first use was effective in 1994 by the Toyota subsidiary. This is the very first code system invented by Denso Wave to facilitate the tracking of its products. Originally, it was the way to accurately track company vehicles and parts during the manufacturing process. Nowadays, its use has expanded considerably and it is becoming an important tool in communication.
The QR code allows for this purpose to facilitate customer access to information relating to the company. It is capable of storing a large amount of data. All the user has to do is scan the code to get the information they are looking for. Generally, companies use it to optimize their relationships with their customers. This is the reason why restoration companies have opted for this simple and fast technique. They can now make their menus available to visitors. The restaurant menu QR code is a quick response code for customers of different restaurants.

Why use a QR code today?

If the QR code was not well known in the past, this is no longer the case today. Indeed, the Corona virus pandemic has greatly contributed to the rise in its use. The QR code is an alternative allowing to present its information such as (Websites, Business cards, LinkedIn profile etc.) And to leave a wide choice to the customer through his information. The barrier measures that had been imposed no longer promote contact with others. And the risks of contamination were greater in establishments open to the public, such as hotels. However, in a context like this, it was wise to find an alternative. The QR code then appears as the solution to this problem. Visitors now have the opportunity to learn about the menu of the restaurant of their choice by scanning the QR code which is interactive.
This is how the QR code is gradually becoming part of our habits using a mobile phone or smartphone. Its practicality is impressive, which is a real advantage for those who do not wish to move or waste time, just a scan and you're done. If we had to define the QR-code, we could say that it is a quick response option also used in the catering sector. What's even more awesome is that customers have instant access to your restaurant's digital menus. On the other hand, digital technology occupies an important place today and it is more than urgent to adapt to technological advances. This code has thus become an effective marketing tool for restaurants. Some establishments offer users the opportunity to place their orders and pay directly from their cellphones.

Types of QR codes

There are several types of QR code needed to design your restaurant menu QR code different from each other. They are grouped into two main categories including the static QR code and the dynamic QR code.

The statistical QR code

Static QR codes are definitive. In other words, they contain data that cannot be modified. Indeed, they are used to provide users with permanent information. The statistical QR therefore has a definitive character in that it is fixed. So, the modification of the URL automatically causes the malfunction of the QR code.

The dynamic QR code

The dynamic QR code is, unlike the statistical QR, able to offer modifiable data. For this purpose, it is more flexible because it is possible to modify the content of the URL without the QR code ceasing to function. This is explained by the fact that the content is not really in the QR code but rather in the URL of the website.
That being said, the types of restaurant QR codes that you can create for free can be static QRs, but you cannot modify them. Or dynamic QRs that are flexible. This is, among other things, the URL that opens a link to a web page. Also SMS, E-mail, WI-FI, VCARD which allows you to create a digital business card to save.

QR code restaurant menu, an asset for restaurants

The restaurant menu QR code is indeed a considerable asset for restaurants. Because it makes it possible to offer customers multiple advantageous options. For example, users have the ability to place their orders with just a single click. Thanks to this code, the establishments have the concern to satisfy their customers by providing them with varied menus. It's a convenient option that helps catering businesses save money. There is no longer any need to walk back and forth in the open space looking for controls. Every customer can now scan the code and place their order using their mobile phone. So, no more bothering to move! Your carefully chosen dish comes to you. The restaurant menu QR code makes customers feel taken care of immediately. You understood, this barcode is not just a simple code, it is an excellent code system for hospitality businesses. It also offers a lot of features to the users which makes it easy to navigate the cellphones of the site.
The restaurant menu QR code allows you to serve all your customers according to their preferences and especially in a short period of time. It saves restaurants time. Moreover, it also makes it possible to respond promptly to customer requirements without making them move. In fact, it is an essential communication and marketing tool for companies operating in the catering industry.

The advantages of the QR code

The restaurant menu QR code has several advantages. It saves time and money!

Secure and efficient

the restaurant menu QR code is a very practical code system that makes it possible to respond effectively to the user's request. Once scanned, it provides information related to the company in question. The hotel industry uses it to share its menus with visitors. Customer support is therefore instantaneous. In addition, it allows visitors to access restaurant information securely. Online payment is also possible and very secure.

Important tool in communication and marketing

The QR code menu for restaurants is today one of the effective means in terms of communication and sale of menus. Thus, you have the opportunity to enhance your restaurant by presenting the menus in an aesthetic and original way. You have the choice of interesting colors and designs to add to your menu. In addition, it is easier to manage the requirements of all your customers since they choose their dishes themselves.

Promotes speed of service

With this code system, it becomes obvious to satisfy all customers with different actions. In other words, the restaurant menu QR code simplifies the task of waiters who no longer need to come and go incessantly. From now on, each seated customer can order their meal with just their mobile phone. And who says fewer employees means savings for companies.

Limit interactions

The corona virus pandemic and the entry of digital technology have considerably changed the habits of consumers who today prefer a contactless service. The restaurant menu QR code provides service by reducing contact with customers as much as possible because it offers menus on their phone. In other words, by scanning the QR code, customers can quickly access the menus and place their orders directly there.

Eye-catching images

If you can't add photos of your meals to your menus, that's now the case. The restaurant menu QR code is unique in that it offers you the possibility of embellishing your menu card. Visitors will be more likely to place their orders in view of these enticing images. What is great is that there is no need to spend, everything happens online. Indeed, it is no longer worth wasting money on expensive prints. Just create your special menu QR code to attract more visitors.

How to create a restaurant menu QR code?

You have decided to switch to the QR code menu for the restaurant, you are right to do so. All you're missing is being able to create your code. The process of creating a QR code is simple and free. Even the less experienced can get away with it very easily; It is therefore not a domain reserved for computer scientists.

      Here are the main steps you need to follow if you want to create your QR code:
    • You must use a QR code generator

It is essential to have a generator that generates this type of code in different formats. A QR code generator is a tool or software that allows you to design QR codes according to the needs and objectives for its use. Choose a generator that suits your goals. And so ; a tool that can allow you to create a restaurant menu QR code.

    • You must select the type of QR code you want to use

Before you start designing your QR-code menu-restaurant, it is important to choose the type of QR code. As mentioned above, you can choose from the following types of codes: URL, vCard, SMS etc. They can belong to the static or dynamic type. It should be noted that the selection of the type of QR code is made according to the data to be saved and your objective. Remember that the static QR code is ideal when you want to share permanent information. However, if you want to manipulate your information as you wish, it would be better to opt for the dynamic QR code.

    • Complete the information that must appear in the field

At this stage, you have to enter all the information relating to your restaurant. This can be contact details of your catering company, the link of your structure. Or any other important information. Use your imagination to best customize your code. For example, you can decide to choose a field color that will reinforce the image of your restaurant or add a logo.

    • Tap the option "create a QR code »

This step is just to click on “create a QR code”. It is not often considered a step as such. Once you have done this, you can move on to the next phase.

    • Download your restaurant menu QR code

You have the possibility to choose the code style you want. You can opt for the basic black-on-white form. In any case, there are still various colors.

How to use a restaurant menu QR code?

Using the restaurant menu QR code is very simple. When the catering or hotel establishment has created its QR code, all you have to do is scan it. From there, you can access the menu of your favorite restaurant and even place your orders instantly in complete safety.
The restaurant menu code is an efficient and responsive code system for presenting restaurant menus online. This tool comes in handy when it comes to managing customers and sales. It also has the advantage of enhancing the image of your company thanks to the many features that we benefit from when creating the QR Code.

For more information and answers to your questions, do not hesitate to consult our FAQs.

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