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What are the common qr code free reading problems?

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Learning how qr codes work will help you understand issues with qr codes. A number of things can happen when a qr code fails to deliver its valuable information. We have, for you, listed the main friction points that cause the malfunction of a qr code. These points are as follows: 1.

The color and contrast of the QR code

Many companies and brands prioritize form over function. This leads to experimenting with qr code marketing or qr code tracking for the sake of aesthetic unity with the rest of their branding. Often this means getting creative with the color or contrast of their custom qr code. QR Codes were originally designed to have square black modules on a white background. This, in turn, is what most qr code scanners were designed to read. But as soon as a qr code reverses this dynamic and places lighter squares on a darker background, it may trip up some readers. Similarly, the qr code may have lighter colors on a darker background, but the difference between the two colors is not big enough. There is not enough contrast between the background and the foreground. Think light blue modules on a dark blue background. This can also cause QR code scanners to fail. 2.

The qr code is too complex or without customer account (paid)

The uses of qr codes are very numerous. From qr codes in healthcare to food uses of qr codes. Sometimes they are used to store a lot of information. And sometimes there's so much information encoded in it that it can't be scanned or is scanned extremely slowly. This is what happens with static qr codes. If it is a static qr code, it just means that the information you get by scanning the qr code is encoded directly into the black and white squares of the qr code itself. This is opposed to a dynamic qr code, which redirects to a website where the information can be accessed. Or simply your account is free and the QR CODES are temporary or limited! All this means that the more complex the information of a static qr code, the larger and more complex the physical qr code should be. More rows, more columns, more complicated patterns, etc. And if it gets too complicated, the qr code reader may take a long time to scan it. And sometimes it cannot be scanned at all. 3.

The qr code is blurry or out of frame

Any optical device that scans QR codes requires precise sharpness and definition of the code. Blurred squares, crooked rows or columns, or poor quality formatting or layout will cause the operation to fail. This is why we recommend using a qr code template to properly place qr codes on tables, windows, doors and walls. Your reading device is not very good at filling in the blanks and recreating parts of inaccessible code. Although it is improving. See the Fix qr code errors section below. But the most reliable way to scan a code is to make sure the code is in perfect condition. It must be perfectly clear and well defined. If not, you will have a hard time scanning it. 4.

The qr code is expired, or the encoded url is broken

QR codes can expire, believe it or not. It is a function of qr codes creation activity. Companies that professionally create QR codes put expiration dates on them or limit the number of scans. This, of course, generates more revenue for these companies. But it also leaves their customers with a bunch of arbitrary limits, inactive qr codes and inaccessible qr code PDFs. Whether it's because the qr code expired on a certain date, the company no longer has monthly scans, or there are PDF accessibility issues, the qr code will not be functional. And, yes, some companies require customers to pay them per scan to use the qr codes they generate. Luckily, that's not something we do with our digital restaurant menu. This is a low cost free plan with no expiration and unlimited scans. This makes it a much cheaper and more agile menu strategy than building a menu app. Or you generated a qr code for a URL and this qr code now redirects to a broken URL. We see this often when companies use a free qr code generator online. It's sad, but a lot of businesses depend on third-party and underground websites to create their qr codes for them. And that often involves that website using its own link for the redirect. The qr code is effectively useless when that company goes bankrupt or can no longer maintain or guarantee the full operation of that link. Fortunately, we have a resource to help you find the best qr code generator for you. If you can't find the reason for the failure of scanning a qr code above, it may be the fault of your outdated Smartphone! For more information and answers to your questions, do not hesitate to consult our FAQs.

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