What is a QR code generator?

The qr code generator is a tool, a site or software allowing to create qr code according to the needs as well as the data. Depending on your goals, ideas, it is possible to create different types of qr codes. Our latest generation generator leaves you free to your imagination by being able to create qr code redirection (to access a website), convert and host a PDF file or folder in qr code, save images, or even sent zoom or skype meeting link, location link or vcards, geo location link and whatss ap number. Our tool is able to customize your qr codes by the shape, the background of the qr (customizable image) the color, but also the frame and the text.

Are qr codes free or paid?

YES...! The QR code file on direct Qr is free and it will remain so! You can therefore create a qr code pdf or image and many others absolutely free thanks to our qr code creation tool. You can insert or drag documents or others to create qr code file or PDF. Only large files or personalization remains chargeable.

is qr code storage unlimited?

Thanks to our technology and we offer you the possibility of creating a qr code absolutely free. You can also customize your qr code infinitely, share it for free and follow the QR CODE scan statistics. The qr code PDF or other remains on the server for life if you have a starter plan or if you buy your qr code 0.50 euro.

how does the sticker printing of my qr codes work?

Exclusively and only at direct-qr.com you have the possibility once your qr is finished, to directly order the printing of your creation on self-adhesive stickers. Choose the print size, the desired delivery method and you're done! Receive your qr code stickers at home in 3 days. You will be able to put your qr code everywhere on a coffee cup, on documents etc.

Are my data and my QR code confidential?

The answer is yes ! All your Qr codes and their associated data are strictly confidential. People can view your data, Qr code, documents even the direct-qr.com team does not have access to your information. The site uses the HSTS technique with cloudfare security on a dedicated and protected server to guarantee the protection of your data. Of course it is obvious that you are solely responsible for distributing and creating the qr code. Please refer to the T&Cs for the prohibited Qr code mailing list.

QR code for restaurants and professionals

With covid-19 our habits have changed, with the different sanitary measures restaurants and ERP find the use of qr very practical. Customers therefore limit the risk of contamination or being contaminated. To display an image and others and directly print your 3 cm by 3 cm stickers and stick them on tables or other objects and supports.

What are the means of payment on the site?

We offer multiple payment methods. You can pay for your order by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, maestro, etc.) with our partners Stripe or Paypal or with Gpay, Apple pay and Microsoft pay. We guarantee total security on the site to carry out your transaction.

I want to cancel my subscription, how do I do this?

All the offers we offer are without any commitment on your part! If you wish to terminate your qr code creation service, nothing could be simpler, simply send us an e-mail in the contact section of the site and we will proceed with the termination of your subscriber account. At any time you can return to our site to resume your plan.

Is there a customer service or a hotline?

Our priority is the satisfaction of our customers! Then you can count on us. In case of problems, questions, assistance or for any other request send us a message in the contact section and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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