The success of qr code stickers stickers

Since the creation of the coded Qr, many ideas have emerged to improve their distribution. Thanks to our tool you can absolutely do everything with a Qr code and even order their self-adhesive sticker printing. This method of distribution has proven itself among the best methods to increase their distribution to the public. Paste your stickers wherever you want so that the user can scan and access your documents, your page, your profile, your content. The Qr coded sticker can also be used to convey a message on a coffee cup or even directly on the coffee machine, but also to improve product monitoring or provide additional information to a consumer. The qrcode sticker is sheet printed on a 4 size format. They have the advantage of resistance to heat or cold.


Enjoy another broadcast channel

QR codes on your custom stickers are a great way to represent your brand. They intrigue and attract attention, while conveying the following message: the brand represented is worth


Show your professionalism

Don't miss an opportunity to make a good impression and show your professionalism with qr code stickers to stick on any media.


Effective proximity marketing

To boost your campaigns, distribute locally, or send a message, nothing better than sticking your Qr codes on all media. They will be visible and help you achieve your distribution goals.

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