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How to create a qr code on our site with gradient colors

For the creation of your personalized gradient QR codes, nothing could be simpler, just go to the Create qr code section, then you just have to activate the gradient mode with the possibility of combining 2 colors and it's up to you!

Here are some examples of QR code in gradient with html codes so that you can reproduce them.

Here is the Qr code: SMOTI

qr code degradé smoti
Adjustment :
Primary color 1 : #61e843
Secondary color 2 : #d6962d
qr code personnaliser degradé

Here is the qr code: STABALO
Création qr code stabalo
Le réglage :
Couleur primaire 1 : #00000
Couleur secondaire 2 :#58d62d

Qr code personnalisé stabalo

Voici le qr code : PUNCHY
           Code qr personnalisé en violet punchy

Le réglage :
Couleur primaire 1 : #00000
Couleur secondaire 2 : #8900d5

Conception qr code noir et violet dégradé

Voici le qr code : STRAGON

            Création de qr code personnalisé stragon

Le réglage :
Couleur primaire 1 : #e62929
Couleur secondaire 2 : #c2a068

Réglage du qr code personnalisé stragon

Voici le qr code : SILON

           Qr code en dégradé personnaliser silon

Le réglage :
Couleur primaire 1 : #3109ed
Couleur secondaire 2 : #e33be8
Qr code dégradé en violet et bleue

Why customize my qr code in gradient?

Thanks to our Qr code creation technique, you can easily stand out from the competition by offering a personalized Qr code that is impressive! moreover, this makes it unique and benefits from better visibility. To create a gradient Qr code, don't wait any longer! You can also send us a adhesive label printing self-adhesive label printing order for your gradient and color Qr codes, they will be printed in HD.

A Qr code in color is degraded is it readable?

Yes, the degraded Qr codes work the same way as the classic Qr code! You can therefore customize them to infinity in any case the Qr code readers, or application will read them without problem.

For more information and answers to your questions, do not hesitate to consult our FAQs.

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